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Rich Gorman Exemplifies Direct Response Mastery

Direct Response Mastery

For Rich Gorman, also known as Richie Gorman, direct response marketing is not a fad, not a passing trend, nor even a money-making niche. No, for Gorman, direct response marketing is both a passion and a calling. Though it may sound corny, there is simply no other way to characterize a man whose contributions to the field have always proven pioneering; most everyone who works in direct response marketing is treading on trails previously blazed by Gorman.

In fact, the terms “Rich Gorman” and “direct response” are close to impossible to separate. Direct Response is the name of Gorman’s personal brand. Through his Direct Response marketing blog, Rich Gorman effectively cultivates the entire direct response community, and he gives away millions of dollars in his own insider information and industry expertise.

Defining an Industry

Most of what he does is geared toward industry veterans. For some, though, direct response marketing might remain a fairly elusive or unfamiliar concept. What is direct response marketing, and what separates it from other forms of online marketing?

We might define it this way: Direct response marketing encompasses marketing efforts that are intended to elicit a very specific, measurable result from an online consumer. The marketer makes a proposition, and the user directly responds—hopefully, in the affirmative!

Direct response marketing is often characterized in terms of a call-to-action. A marketer will issue said call—usually for a consumer to purchase a product by clicking a link, or perhaps simply to join a mailing list. The intent is to gain immediate, direct feedback from the user; direct response marketing is not about developing leads, but rather it is about converting leads into sales!

The benefits of direct response marketing largely stem from its immediacy. Marketers can quickly and immediately ascertain the efficacy of their efforts in conversion. Companies, meanwhile, might partner with direct response marketers for much the same reason—it allows them to evaluate the appeal of their products, without having to suffer through a long waiting period. The consumer response is more or less instantaneous.

Direct response marketing is nothing new; a TV infomercial is basically an example of direct marketing in action. It lays out its call-to-action, and its efficacy is measured in terms of how many people pick up the phone—right the and there—and call in to order the product on offer. As you might imagine, though, direct response has really received a second wind, and risen to new heights, thanks to the continued maturation of the Internet.

The Advantages of Direct Response

Already, we have detailed some of the reasons why businesses find appeal in direct response marketing—but what attracts online innovators like Rich Gorman to the field? The advantages of direct response marketing are numerous, but one of the primary ones is the fact that the direct response marketing professional is making money by selling someone else’s products. To get into direct response marketing, you do not have to build a brick-and-mortar store, or start up a factory—so capital investment and financial risk are typically fairly low.

Tracking is another big benefit of direct response marketing. This is a field in which your progress is evaluated on a day-to-day basis; you know exactly how effective your campaign is. As such, you can turn on a dime to make whatever tweaks or improvements you might need. Indeed, men like Gorman are constantly monkeying with their strategies, and it is that level of in-the-moment flexibility that makes the field to enticing to so many.

Driving Traffic

So what is the day in the life of a direct response marketer really like? For Gorman, a typical day is largely devoted to blogging. He is a prolific writer, both at this own Direct Response blog, and as a guest contributor to numerous other blogging outlets.

Perhaps a word or two of explanation are in order. A big part of direct response marketing success hinges on the level of traffic you can drive to your landing pages, which is where the conversions happen. And one of the best ways to build buzz and attract leads into your sales funnel is to blog, as prolifically as possible.

Rich Gorman: Harnessing the Power of Guest Posting

We mentioned the concept of guest blogging. This is one of the most important tricks in any direct response marketer’s playbook. Soliciting guest blogging opportunities, for industry-leading blogs, is one of the best ways to ratchet up your direct response marketing endeavors. Indeed, the benefits of gust blogging are numerous:

  • You get your name out there, and build buzz for your direct response marketing brand.
  • You establish yourself as a credible authority—something that helps cultivate consumer trust, which is a must in any form of online commerce, but especially direct response.
  • You can successfully build backlinks to your own blog or even to individual landing pages—helping drive traffic and build solid search engine rankings.

Guest blogging is a tremendous strategy for direct response marketers, then—but how can you do it effectively and efficiently?

Adding Value

For Gorman, guest blogging works in perfect tandem with his own, foremost business desire—which is nothing more or less than to add value to other businesses. The Direct Response blog is a great example of this; the blog gives away millions of dollars in trade secrets, and it does so because its ringleader is intent on delivering real value to other professionals in his field.

This is a very real component of what makes a guest blogging campaign successful. A guest blog is only going to get picked up—and it is only going to get read—if it offers something substantive and value. Contributing value to other businesses is a great way to get your foot in the door, and to establish yourself as a true industry expert.

This ties in with another of Gorman’s favorite guest blogging concepts—namely, the concept of building relationships. He is fond of saying that blogging represents the new fraternity—the venue in which meaningful, professional partnerships are formed. When seeking out guest posting opportunities, Gorman says, do not just look for blogs that suit your needs; look for chances to form mutually helpful relationships.

These tips have led to immense success for Rich Gorman. Indeed, they have helped him establish himself as a true industry innovator. It is no exaggeration to say that Rich Gorman and direct response marketing go hand in hand.

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